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Zhengzhou DynNor Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd

Zhengzhou DynNor Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd(formerly known as Zhengzhou Dingli Industrial Machinery &Equipment) is a China-based Industrial equipment supplier located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. We undertake large and medium-sized technical engineering projects, consultation, design, manufacture and sales of industrial filtration equipment, dryers, lime hydrators, crushers &mills and various mining equipment. All of our manufacturing process are certified according to ISO9001 quality management system and IS14001 environmental system.

  • We Ready 24 Hours For You
    After-sale Services
  • Experienced engineers available for installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance training.

  • Spare parts are readily available and provided at manufacturing cost out of quality warrantee period.

  • After sales are available in 24/7 ready for any emergency issues.

We had an opportunity to put numerous of our equipment into the tests of mass industrial production and accumulated more experience than the others in a much shorter period to build our machines more practical, efficient and competitive.

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