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Shaft lime Kiln

Coal fired shaft lime kiln uses a mixture of limestone and coal at proper ratio for calcination. Our environmental friendly mechanical vertical kiln designed with air-tight top sealing structure, automatic disc outlet mechanism at bottom, exhaust gas outlet designed with three-stage desulfurization and dust removing system, significantly reducing emission of dust and SO2. The kiln is high energy-efficient and environmental friendly.


Process Flow

Limestone and coal briquettes conveyed to respective hoppers, then to feeding cars at controlled limestone/coal ratio after weighing via the batching system, ready batches elevating to top buffer bins via elevation system and then feeding to the kiln at a consistent rate and in high uniformity.

Limestone calcined at sintering zone of the kiln and produce quicklime and gas. quicklime discharged via automatic disc outlet mechanism and conveyed to warehouse, exhaust gas discharged into air after desulfurization and dust removal system.

Typical Technical Data:

Typical Technical Data of Coal-fired Vertical Lime Kiln

Srl. Item Description &Values
1 Fuel option anthracite coal, petrol coke (Heat value:5500-6500kcal/kg)
2 Overcooking rate ≤10%
3 Annual working days 330
4 Input sizes of limestone 80-150mm
5 Output sizes 60-120mm
6 Activity degree ≥280ml
7 Consumption of limestone 1.75t/t

Typical Technical Data of Coal-fired Vertical Lime Kiln

Capacity (t/d) volume (m3) Effective Height (m) Effective diameter (m) Ideal feed size
Heat consumption
 CaO (%) Activity value (ml)
80 98 20 ø2.5 40-80 <=4600 >=90 >=300
120 141 26 ø2.6 40-80 <=4600 >=90 >=300
150 202 21 ø3.5 40-80 <=4500 >=90 >=300
200 301 24 ø4.0 40-80 <=4500 >=90 >=300
300 397 25 ø4.5 40-80 <=4400 >=90 >=300
400 491 25 ø5.0 40-80 <=4200 >=90 >=300
500 735 26 ø6.0 40-80 <=4200 >=90 >=300

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