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Lime Kiln

Rotary Kiln is commonly used in calcination of limestones to produce high active lime used in metallurgy industry. Despite the higher initial investment, rotary kilns still provide a competitive option in limestone calcining process against shaft kilns.


Benefits of Rotary Lime Kiln

Wide output range: from 50t/d to 2000t/d, very suitable for large scale lime calcination plant.
High quality lime: consistent quality with activity value from 340ml up to 400ml(30ml higher than shaft kiln on average), low sulfur content and minimum over-burned/underburned lime due to good ventilation and the dynamic calcination process. it is suitable for production of high quality lime used in steel plants.
Rotary lime kiln could process small sized limestones ranging from 10mm to 50mm. Regular mines would produce a high proportion(30-40%) of limestones less than 30mm, which shaft kilns could not process and would normally go to waste.
It could achieve reasonable thermal efficiency with installation of lime preheater, which utilise the high temperature exhaust gas from the rotary kiln to preheat the limestone and save energy. flue gas temperate from the preheater is between 280℃ to 350℃.

Lime Calcination Flowchart (Rotary Kiln)

Typical Technical Data:

Capacity(T/D) 200 300 400 600 800 1000
Product active lime active lime active lime active lime active lime active lime
Preheater Model RS-6.5×3.4 RS-7.5×3.4 RS-8.5×3.4 RS-10.4×3.4 RS-10.8×3.4 RS-13.5×4
Pushing head 6 pcs 8 pcs 10 pcs 12 pcs 16 pcs 18 pcs
Rotary Kiln Model φ2.8×42m φ3.3×50m φ3.6×56m φ4×60m φ4.3×66m φ4.8×68m
Volume(m3) 190 292 430 575 738 1005
Speed(r/min) 0.45-2.22 0.2-1.9 0.22-1.57 0.48-1.57 0.21-1.57 0.19-1.98
Cooler Model LS-3×3 LS-3.6×3.6 LS-3.8×3.8 LS-4.1×4.1 LS-4.7×4.7 LS-5.2×5.2
Inlet Temp. 1100±50°C 1100±50°C 1100±50°C 1100±50°C 1100±50°C 1100±50°C
Outlet Temp. <100°C <100°C <100°C <100°C <100°C <100°C
Heat consumption(KJ/Kg) 5200 5200 5100 5000 5000 4750
Lime Activity ≥360ML ≥360ML ≥360ML ≥360ML ≥360ML ≥360ML

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