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Jumbo Bag Filling Machine

This is a multi-functional machine with electronic scale, auto bag drop and dust removal. It features high automation, high accuracy and adjustable speed. Suitable for materials like mineral ores, chemicals, building materials, grains, animal feed, etc. where jumbo bags are required for packing.


Technical features:

>> Customized solutions to each client’s request.

>> Advanced technology, high durability, minimum wear parts

>> Continuously variable speed control for filling/bagging, high reliability, high accuracy, high filling speed.

>> Programmable control system, automatic calibration, high sensibility, strong anti-interference ability, equipped with communication interface for internet connection and remote control and monitor.


Main Technical Data:

Model: DCS-1000-Z
Filling range: 200kgs to 2000kgs/bag
Filling capacity: 20bags to 40 bags/hour
Total power: 5.5Kw
Steel structure size 2000x2000x4000mm(LxWxH)
Belt conveyor size 1200x4000mm(WxL)
Scale accuracy grade: OILMR61x(0.5)
Compressed air supply pressure: 0.4 to 0.65MPa

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