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How much does a hydrated lime plant cost?

2023-10-09 14:50:56

If you interested in the prices of a hydrated lime plant, below are the main factors you should consider first.

1.) Plant capacity on hourly basis: Capacity is the most important factor affecting your total investment. You should decide what is the hourly capacity you need taking in account of your kiln capacity or market demand.

2.) Plant layout: Plant layout has significant impact on your total investment. Keeping it simple by sacrificing flexibility can save quite a lot of money on the equipment and infrastructure. it’s all about what is most suitable for you.

3.)Quality of quicklime and desired quality of hydrated lime powder:  Quality of quicklime has signifcant impact on the output capacity and quality. Producing with poorer quality materials will increase your costs.

Please contact us for detailed proposals or offers if you are in need of a hydrated lime plant.

Hydrated Lime Plant
Hydrated Lime Plant is also called hydrated lime production line or Lime hydration plant, it is an industrial system to produce hydrated lime powder(calcium hydroxide)

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