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Lime Hydrator for Carbon Capture Plant Shipped to USA

2024-05-31 16:34:29

We are proud to be part of the cause in reducing CO2 from the atmosphere. The hydrator is going to be used in a carbon capture plant in US. The client will use the hydrator to turn CaO to Ca(OH)2 that will absorb CO2 from air and then turn into CaCO3, the CaCO3 is then calcined in a kiln powered by green energy(solar/wind,etc.) while releasing the trapped CO2 in it. During the process, the released CO2 is captured and injected deep underground or into concrete for permanent storage.

Carbon Capture Process:  CaCO3+heat CaO+CO2(captured), CaO+H2O Ca(OH)2,  Ca(OH)2+CO2(from air) CaCO3

Lime Hydrator Lime Hydrator Lime Hydrator

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