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What is Lime Hydrator

2023-06-19 18:08:03

Lime Hydrator is a U-shaped chamber installed with mixing shaft(s) and blades, it is designed for the reaction between quicklime(CaO) and water to produce hydrated lime powder -Ca(OH)2. To achieve maximum hydration reaction and minimum residue moisture in the hydrated lime powder, quicklime and water feeding rate have to be controlled very precisely via high accuracy lime weighing feeder, water flowmeter and flow control valves. furthermore, water injection and the shape &angle of lime mixing paddles have to be optimized for a fully and uniform blending between water and lime. 

Depending on the capacity and quality requirement of hydrated lime, a lime hydration system may consist of two, three, four or five hydrators that are connected together to form a multi-hydrator system. To control hydration process, temperatrue sensors are also installed on each of the hydrators to monitor the reaction temperature. if the temperature is lower than the standard, it could mean too much water or too little quicklime input. if temperature runs too high, it would mean too little water or too much quicklime input. the feeding rate of quicklime or water needs to adjusted immediately to keep the temperature at a stable value.

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